Steven Pinker @BentleyU

The Valente Center for Arts & Sciences, and me personally, were very glad to host world renowned thinker Steven Pinker to Bentley University on March 20, 2024. His talk and the following Q&A on Human Rationality & Academic Freedom were insightful and inspiring.

Spring 2022

Finally an almost normal semester, halfway through even the masks came off. Hybrid teaching is here to stay – we seem to have all become quite tech savvy. In GLS102 we talk about comparative politics and government, and a lot about the news …

Fall 2022

Our first hybrid semester – a challenge, but completed with success. ‘Globalization’ and ‘Science, Tech & Society’ in hybrid mode, and a fully remote Globalization class with students in China.

Spring 2021

It’s remarkable how we have learned: already quite a ‘tech optimist’, the whole remote teaching/learning experience became routine in this spring semester….it will not go away

End of the Fall 2020 Semester

All classes online this semester. A new normal? We’ll continue ‘virtually’ next semester. Classes went well. Student resilience is remarkable. Besides my regular ‘Comparative Government & Politics’ classes, I developed and taught an interactive, interdisciplinary course on ‘Science, Technology, and Society’: this weekly three hour seminar style class included of lectures, team work, and many talks by visiting faculty. A challenge and an achievement in one!

Back to School – Fall 2020

So, as Bentley reopens, my classes will be online only – synchronously. Two sections of GLS102 Comparative Government & Politics and an experimental class: GLS298 Science, Technology, and Society offered under the broader umbrella of ‘Business and Society’ and with the help of more than ten guest speakers, other faculty from Bentley. Though circumstances are challenging, I look forward to the new semester. And I’m well set up in my home ‘studio’!