Bentley Nov 2013

Teaching statement:

Two ideas are key elements in my teaching philosophy: societal relevance of our studies and student participation. Current events captivate our attention. By linking broader theoretical frameworks to actual current events, we create a meaningful learning platform for students. The daily news provides ample examples of the political, economic, societal, and ethical relevance of the conceptual phenomena we study.

In my opinion, active student participation in class is essential to ensuring a valuable learning experience. Stimulating student participation within class—or online— discussions, cultivates the capacity to synthesize information sources from a multitude of sources and forward concise yet relevant statements about the events and phenomena we study. A focus on student participation avoids a less effective one-directional flow of knowledge from instructor to student, yet allows for interaction and an exchange of knowledge between students and between students and lecturer that fits an academic setting best.

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Comparative Politics 

Undergraduate:        syllabus GLS102 SP18


Undergraduate:       Syllabus GLS101 Globalization                          

Science, Technology & Public Policy

Graduate:                  syllabus POLS 7333 Spring 2013

                                    Participatory Governance slides

Undergraduate:        syllabus POLS 2390 Fall 2012

                                    Science Supports Policy slides

International Relations

Undergraduate:       syllabus POLS 1160 NEU Fall 2013

                                    Realism slides

                                    Cases Human Rights & Cyber War