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Spring 2014

While the semester has just started, I already need to pitch courses for next semester. I am in the running to teach a graduate course in Science, Technology, and Public Policy at Northeastern University. I will continue overseeing the Political Science internship program there. I hope to continue teaching Comparative Politics at Bentley University, as I like teaching there this semester a lot. And I just interviewed for an adjunct position at Regis College to teach Technology, Society, and Environment. I already received an offer.

With so much news on international affairs, my classes both at Bentley and at Northeastern start with wide ranging discussions. It is such a pleasure to talk about the news as part of your work. At times it keeps us almost from discussing the theoretical frameworks that might help explain what’s going in the world.


Hello and welcome! I set up this small website as an online presence of my professional life. The different pages give an overview of what I have done in recent years and what keeps my busy these days. Currently I hold adjunct positions at Northeastern University and at Bentley University, teaching International Affairs and Comparative Politics. At Northeastern University I oversee the internship program for political science students. Also, I continue to write about my doctoral research on nanotechnology policies in the United States, the European Union, and in particular the Netherlands.