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Valente Center

I am so pleased to start as the new Director of the Jeanne and Dan Valente Center for Arts & Sciences at Bentley University as per July 2018. The center is dedicated to integrating the arts & sciences into the educational, scholarly, and cultural life at our school. I’ve worked with the center quite a bit of the last few years. I look forward to work with the Bentley community to continue and expand the range of programs offered by the Valente Center.

End of the semester – Fall 2017

With mid December, the end of the semester is upon us. Today were the last classes. Of course, final papers and exams remain, but the fun is behind us. The semester went remarkably quick. After a few weeks, we’ll do it all again!

Happy Holidays –

End of Semester Spring 2017

Two sections of GLS102 Comparative Politics & Government, A section of GLS101 Globalization, an the Honors Research Capstone Seminar made up my Spring 2017 semester. It went by incredibly fast.

Honors Conference 2017

Today twelve of my students – graduating honors students – presented their research during the annual honors conference at Bentley University. These students took my honors research capstone seminar this spring semester. Though it wasn’t always an easy process for some of the students, or for me, I am quite pleased with the results!

‘My Brother’s Black Body’ – Photographs by Malakhai Pearson

We are showing an exhibition of photographs by our talented senior student Malakhai Pearson. The exhibition called ‘My Brother’s Black Body’ shows powerful work with an important message. It’s on display in the RSM Gallery at the Bentley Library until April 21, 2017. I am really pleased to have helped organize this beautiful exhibition and proud that we have such a talented pool of students at Bentley University.

End of the Fall 2016 Semester

As we finish our semester, we took the last class ‘series’. The semester went well. Even the incidental 60 student class did fine. I’m pleased with the results.

The 2016 US Presidential Elections made for challenging times in our field. Traditional observations about the continuity of institutions, the strengths and legitimacy of the electoral process, the durability of democracy, and many more concepts and ideas came under new scrutiny. It took me a while to adjust!